A bicycle is the superior mode of transportation (as opposed to a skateboard) when going to class  at school with a residential campus like IU.  The first inherent issue is the cost of a bicycle because it will most likely be higher than the cost of a skateboard. This is an important issue because prospective college students are concerned with the overall costs of school. However, investing in a good bike could be useful in years to come in terms of exercise. A second issue is that you need to allow time to lock your bike and get to class. This is an important issue because students want a quick mode of transportation. A student would also have to purchase a bike lock and remember the combination, but this way students do not have to carry skateboards into class. A third issue is that bicycles are more difficult to store in that they need to be kept outside (this can lead to theft, deterioration, difficulty finding a place on a bike rack), but a skateboard would take up room inside the student’s room, which would be more of a hindrance.