I think having a fixed view about the world or values is dangerous because it deprives you of experiences. Even simple stubbornness such as thinking that you don’t like a specific type of food despite never having tried it can deprive someone of an experience. For example, my best friend refused to try new foods that she thinks she will not like, but this affects her life in that she will not go on dinner dates because she feels that she will not like any food at the restaurant that is not on the kids menu. Being closed minded or too fixated on one side of an issue can affect not only you, but the people around you. If you do not support gay marriage and refuse to look at any opposing viewpoints, you potentially take people’s rights away without even taking time to explore the other side by simply reading a pro-gay marriage article in an online journal. On the other hand, being too “whatever-floats-your-boat” is also problematic because if people do not take strong stances on what they are passionate about then we are at a standstill as a society. I do not know if it is worth trying to change people’s minds. I took a class on the death penalty during my first semester of college and we learned that when people decided that they were for or against the death penalty in a poll and were then educated on the various pros and cons of the death penalty vs other options and then asked again if they were for or against the death penalty, they might change their stance. However, if the same people are surveyed a few months later, the majority of them revert to their original position. Using this as an example, I think it is important to educate people on both sides of an issue, but it is also important to remember that education does not always have an effect.