Post a blog with the title “I Have to Be Really Careful What I Say About That.” Describe a situation that you were or could have been in that had a real exigency, serious contraints, and an audience that was paying close attention to your words, because it mattered to them. This could be a family situation, a social situation, a workplace situation. — basically a situation in which you were ‘walking on egg shells‘. Describe the exigence, constraints, and the stakes for your audience.  Then describe what you said to them, and say whether it displayed rightness-of-fit. You should write at least one paragraph for the exigence, audience, constraints portion, and at least one paragraph on your response and its rightness of fit. You can be imaginative here if you can’t think of a real incident — the point is to think carefully about how to match your words to sensitive situations.

During the summer before my sophomore year of high school I went on a mission trip to New Orleans. We were working at the house of a woman who took care of her three grandchildren and there were three separate projects that needed to be worked on–installing a new floor, removing and replacing old drywall, and putting a new roof on the house (which is the project I was a part of). Also, some of the younger (jr. high aged) girls in our group played with the kids. On our last few working days, there were giant storms and we had to stop work early. So on our last day, we were disappointed that we were not able to finish any of our projects, and we decided that we wanted to extend our last day on the work site to make as much progress as possible. The only problems were that there would not be a representative from the organization that we were on the mission trip through on the site with us and we would all be missing the activities that were planned for the night, and we had a large portion of the mission trip’s population on our work site. Half of the adults wanted to send the younger kids (jr. high aged) kids back to the lodge while the other half wanted to let them stay on the work site. The adults could not decide by themselves, so we each had to argue the side we agreed with.

I argued that the younger kids should be able to stay if they worked on the construction projects instead of playing with the homeowner’s grandchildren. My audience included the entire mission team because they were the people who would be voting to let the kids stay or send them back. The constraints of the situation included the fact that were low on resources and time with a lot of work to do.

I think my speech would have passed the rightness-of-fit test because it tried not to offend or otherwise hurt the mission team members in question while proposing a solution to the amount of work we needed to finish in a few short hours.