A think a so-called “sign of the times” is a kind of celebrity obsession. People follow celebrities on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, like them on Facebook, read about them in gossip columns and I think this is an obsession that has started recently with all of this social media that kind of fell into our hands at once.

I do not think that following the rich and famous on social media is “a sign of the decadence and superficiality of the times we live in” as was suggested in the prompt given at the end of the mini-unit. I think it does show how this generation was taught to value wealth and how we tend to idolize those who have attained wealth that we will never be able to attain. I think this also shows that we are concerned about our futures, especially our ability to achieve and I think this marks a rejection of the traditional “hard working Protestant” narrative that people like to espouse regarding to the United States.